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X-Men Theme Song

January 2, 2011
X-Men Theme Song

1992–1997; back to title post

So this post is primarily for the animated series, because that is what you think of when you hear “X-Men theme.”

The distinctive instrumental tune was written by Ron Wasserman. Oddly enough, the X-Men theme song is not his claim to fame, or what he is known best for. He also happened to write the theme for the Power Rangers series, so I guess that trumps that.

Ron Wasserman is also 1/2 of the duo/band, Fisher, along with Kathy Fisher. To be honest, I don’t really know what songs they are known for (check their Wikipedia here). It is also said that Mr. Wasserman frequently uses the aliases Aaron Waters and The Mighty RAW.

The song is not really part of any official releases, but it is available from some best-of TV themes albums and independent releases.

Below is the original theme song and opening sequence for the animated series.

X-Men Theme Song

X Men Opening Theme (High Quality)


As for the films, well, it’s quite sad that the theme song did not make it to the big screen, but that’s not to say the films didn’t have great music. Here we have some of the soundtracks for the movies: In X-Men (1), Michael Kamen scored the film, then John Ottoman for X2, and finally John Powell for X-Men: The Last Stand.

X Men 1 Ending Credits Music Michael Kamen OST

X Men 1 Ending Credits Music Michael Kamen OST


John Ottman -- Suite X2

John Ottman - Suite X2


X-Men III The Last Stand -- John Powell -- The Last Stand

X-Men III The Last Stand - John Powell - The Last Stand


I know there are already other movies but this post is specifically about the animated series so we’ll talk more about the movies in another one, let me know if you like this theme song, who is ou favorite x-men? to join my team of special people with superpowers just go to check some of our posts and see you in the next one 😉