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The Walking Dead Theme Song

January 31, 2011
The Walking Dead Theme Song


This is quite a show, huh? Add to that, Sarah Wayne Callies!

I saw two MP3-download albums slash semi-soundtracks for the television series—both released December last year. Both include the theme song, credited as “The Walking Dead Main Title”, in a number of remixes. The first album also includes the ending theme.

The albums were released by Tam Tam Media. We all know The Walking Dead official scoring is handled by composer extraordinaire Bear McCreary, but both fail to credit him, and I do not know why.

Below is the official opening sequence. Great job on this, I have to say.

The Walking Dead Theme Song

The Walking Dead : Season 1 - Opening Credits


I know that there are already other walking death’s intros with the same themes and I will upload them someday but that’s gonna happen when I finish this show, there are already 10 seasons and I’m still in the fourth but for now this is what we have, let me know if you guys like this theme sing, listen to other in our side and see you in the next one 😉