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The Chicago Code Theme Song

April 21, 2011
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The Chicago Code Theme Song


Yes, Jennifer Beals, yes!!

The Chicago Theme Song—that crime series starring Flashdance goddess Jennifer Beals—is a piece by Canadian composer Robert Duncan. So far we have credited Mr. Duncan for the themes of The Unit, Terriers, and Castle, for which he received an Emmy nomination.

Now, about that where-did-I-hear-that-before voice. Still don’t know? That distinct voice is Billy Corgan’s—Smashing Pumpkins; Billy is an Illinois native.

Below is the Chicago-montage opening sequence and the theme.

The Chicago Code Theme Song

The Chicago Code Intro


And the lyrics.

The Chicago Code theme song lyrics

Who’s gonna hear you cry,
when there’s more of them than there are of you?
Who’s gonna hear you cry,
when the high winds come and it takes your breath?
Who’s gonna hear your voice,
when fallen men wanna cut you down,
and the sun is gone in the dead of night in this town?
Who’s gonna hear you cry?


The Chicago Code Full Theme Song

The Chicago Code Extended Theme - Billy Corgan


As always I will just recommend you guys o tell me if you like this theme song, lock for some theme songs below and see you in the next one 😉