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Pokémon Theme Song

February 2, 2011


Damn this is going to be long. And also, this if for the English-dubbed version only; and none for movies and specials (I think). I am a Pokemon fan and I know that so many Pokemon seasons and I will probably not talk about all of them so here we go!!

Most hardcore YouTube Pokemon fans (who create theme song compilation videos) list all the theme songs. Below is the best example for such with some of the themes.

Pokemon Theme Songs

Here we have the intros from de 1 to 23 (Pokemon sword and Shield is not here yet because the tune isn’t in English yet)

Pokemon Theme Song from 1 – 23

By the moment I going to try to list just 13 of them (one for each season (not all of them)), let’s try to list each one with their corresponding singer/s.

(All song titles in quotes.)

Original series:

  1. “Pokemon theme” by Jason Paige
  2. “Pokemon World” by Russell Velázquez
  3. “Pokémon Johto” by PJ Lequerica
  4. “Born to Be a Winner” by David Rolfe
  5. “Believe in Me” by David Rolfe

Advanced Generation:

  1. “I Wanna Be a Hero” by David Rolfe
  2. “This Dream” by David Rolfe
  3. “Unbeatable” by David Rolfe
  4. “Battle Frontier” by Jason Appleton

Diamond and Pearl:

  1. “Diamond and Pearl” by Chris “Breeze” Barczynski
  2. “We Will Be Heroes” by Kirsten Price
  3. “Battle Cry – (Stand Up!)” by Erin Bowman
  4. “We Will Carry On” by Adam Elk

While there are tens of official soundtracks released for this franchise, your best bet (for the sake of theme songs) is to go with Pokémon X. Pokémon X: 10 Years of Pokémon was released for the tenth anniversary of Pokemon. It includes all theme songs (until 2007) plus several tracks from other albums.

I realize listing all of the theme songs’ lyrics here would make this an epic, albeit ugly, post. So I shall just stick with what is quite possibly the most definitive Pokemon theme song, “Pokemon Theme” from the original series. This song is also listed in some soundtracks as “Pokémon Theme Song (Gotta Catch ‘Em All)”.

Pokémon theme song lyrics

I wanna be the very best
Like no one ever was
To catch them is my real test
To train them is my cause

I will travel across the land
Searching far and wide
Teach Pokemon to understand
The power that’s inside


(Gotta catch ‘em all!)
It’s you and me
I know it’s my destiny

Ooh, you’re my best friend
In a world we must defend

(Gotta catch ‘em all!)
Our hearts so true
Our courage will pull us through
You teach me and I’ll teach you

(Gotta catch ‘em all!)
Gotta catch ‘em all!


Every challenge along the way
With courage I can face
I will battle everyday
To claim my rightful place

Come with me the time is right
There’s no better team
Arm in arm we’ll win the fight
It’s always been our dream

[Repeat Chorus]

Gotta catch ‘em all!

Gotta catch ‘em all!

Gotta catch ‘em all!


[Repeat Chorus]



There you go!!! I really love this special the first theme song, gotta catch ’em all!! gotta catch ’em all!! Pokemon!! xO lest sing this together cx sing for me what do you think about the Pokemon Theme songs continue catching ’em all and see you in the next post 😉