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Perfect Couples Theme Song

March 7, 2011
Perfect Couples Theme Song


Caveat: This is a half-assed attempt at providing information about the Perfect Couples theme song.

Why? Because as of this moment there is little to no information about the song.

On the other hand, Olivia Munn!

Anyway, let’s take what we can get. Perfect Couples, that new NBC sitcom starring Christine Woods, Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Olivia Munn, has an opening theme, which I believe, is by the band The New Pornographers.


Said source:

“On Perfect Couples screeners, theme song was Kings of Leon. On broadcast, A.C. Newman. That was quick.”

Apparently, the writer was ranting about The New Pornographers being chosen over Kings of Leon. The A.C. Newman being referred to is Allan Carl Newman, founding member and leader of the Vancouver-based band The New Pornographers.

Also, as of this time, I have not seen an episode of this show so let’s just hope the opening credits video below is the right one.

Perfect Couples Theme Song

Perfect Couples intro (NBC)

Perfect Couples theme song lyrics

The secret to the life you wanted
Is all true
Someone’s got to do it
Now we have the facts it’s working
We gotta clue
All we need is you


I just want to tell you the secret of life guys… it is to watch my posts xD is true and someone has to write it xD it was good to see you here again, I hope you had an amazing time and see you later :*