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Masters of Horror Theme Song

March 22, 2011
Theme Song Lyrics Team
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Masters of Horror Theme Song


This is for the Showtime original series.

I got a little curious when I saw (and was not familiar with) the Emmy Award-winning theme from the year Prison Break was nominated.

So anyway, here goes. The theme song for Masters of Horror was composed by Edward Shearmur, a sought-after British composer who scored for commercially-successful films such as Cruel Intentions, Charlie’s Angels, and K-PAX among others.

As previously stated, the theme song won the 2005 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music.

After much research, I can say with confidence that the song is not part of any commercial release. This also means it is not officially titled so we can generalize it as the “Theme from Masters of Horror” or something to that effect. What’s weird though, is that the franchise released two official soundtracks—Volume I and Volume II. The soundtracks contain nothing but heavy metal and rock songs from semi-popular and popular bands. Sucks. What about the theme?

Anyway, below is the official opening sequence featuring the Edward Shearmur song.

Masters of Horror Theme Song

Masters Of Horror - Intro


I love horror stuff and this theme wasn’t an exception, I like when those drops of blood fall and at the same time we can hear that piano <3 just beautiful, guys if you like this theme as much as me let me knows nd remember our tomorrow meeting in the next post xD