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Harry’s Law Theme Song

April 20, 2011
Theme Song Lyrics
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Harry’s Law Theme Song


Some interesting tidbits of information here.

First, the opening theme song.

Harry’s Law Theme Song

"Harry's Law" TV Intro

Sounds cool, right? But it is way too short—especially considering this is a David E. Kelley creation.

Now, original music for Harry’s Law is credited to the Transcenders. We encountered them earlier from the Gossip Girl theme, so just to recap, they are a music production team based in Los Angeles. It is not yet officially written—that they created the main title—not even on their official site, but I would not bet on anyone else.

So, there you go. Just to recap, rockin’ theme song for Harry’s Law but we want more (or just maybe an album/full version). And, still untitled and unreleased (commercially) for now.