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Friday Night Lights Theme Song

April 16, 2011
Theme Song Lyrics Team
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Friday Night Lights Theme Song


There’s some confusion regarding Friday Night Theme Song.

First, the facts. The theme is an original by W.G. “Snuffy” Walden, whom we have encountered in the themes for The West Wing and My So-Called Life among others. Some also credit Bennett Salvay (alongside) for the theme, but it is hard to confirm this for sure as there are discrepancies in sources.

The confusion is with regards to the Texas-based instrumental band Explosions in the Sky. Although their music was heavily featured in the film and in the series, and their eight-minute song “Your Hand in Mine” sounds awfully a lot like the theme, they had nothing to do with the opening tune (except maybe inspire). Even so, it is said that Mr. Walden took inspiration from Billy Joel’s music while he was still with the band Attila.

The theme song was released in the second official soundtrack of the show. It lasts 46 seconds (same as with opening sequence), and is officially titled as “Friday Night Lights Theme”.

Below is the official opening sequence for Friday Night Lights featuring the theme song.

Friday Night Lights Theme Song

FNL opening intro s1-3 (sigla iniziale)


Below is Explosions in the Sky’s “Your Hand in Mine”. See how the uploader even credited it as the “FNL theme song.”

Explosions In The Sky – Your Hands In Mine

Explosions In The Sky- Your Hand In Mine


If you like this theme song let me know why, also check the other themes we have reserved for you and see you in the next one 😉