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Dino-Riders Theme Song

December 23, 2010
Theme Song Lyrics
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Dino-Riders Theme Song


I’m feeling kind of blast-from-the-past-y so let’s start going through some animated shows that would remind us of our childhood (if you’re that old). Dino-Riders Theme Song!!

The theme song from Dino-Riders probably did not merit that much recall because it was simply background music for the usual narration. IMDb credits Shuki Levy and Haim Saban in majority for original music, which makes sense because these two did a lot of animation scoring back then.

Since there are no lyrics here, let’s just post the complete and correct intro narration.

After years of peaceful existence on the distant planet Valorie, Questar and his people were forced into battle. The power of their STEP crystal ripped a hole in the fabric of time, sending them back to prehistoric Earth. Unaware that at the same moment the evil Emperor Krulos, was plotting to capture the STEP crystal with his own grotesque Rulon forces. And so, the battle continues in a new place and time with Dino-Riders.


Well, not much left to discuss here so below is the official opening sequence.

Dino-Riders Theme Song

Dino Riders Intro Opening Theme


Well guys let me know if you saw a gigantic dinosaur, also if you like this theme song, go below to check if there is something you may want to listen to and see you in the next one 😉