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Burn Notice Theme Song Video and Burn Notice Theme Song Lyrics

July 16, 2009
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Burn Notice Theme Song Video and Burn Notice Theme Song Lyrics
burn notice theme song lyrics video

I understand this show has gone through a couple of theme songs and promo songs over its 3-season run but the one that seems to stick in people’s minds is “Everybody Wants You” by Billie Squier from his album Emotions in Motion. I admit, I’m just basing this on research, as I have not watched a single episode of Burn Notice, so if you could help me out by posting a comment below…

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“Everybody Wants You” is the one played in the opening. The is also a mention of Stereo MCs’ Connected—might be from a different season. Someone also mentioned a song by Cold War Kids entitled “Hang Me Up To Dry” as the one played when Michael Westen (portrayed by Jeffrey Donovan) talks about how he got “burned.” Finally, someone claimed that the song used in this promo is Kulay’s “Burn,” but that is bull…because this is how “Burn” by Kulay sounds like. It might have been used in some other episode though. Phew.

Burn Notice Opening Titles

Burn Notice Season 1
Burn Notice opening titles

Burn Notice Full Credit Theme Song

Music by: John Dickson and Toby Chu.

burn notice season 2
Burn Notice Full Credit Theme

Burn Notice Trailer -- Season 1

burn notice season 3
Burn Notice Trailer - Season 1

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That song in the promo mentioned above is entitled “Higher Ground” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

There is another promo with a helicopter-jumping scene; I believe the song used in that is ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man.”

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