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Boys Over Flowers Theme Song

July 30, 2009
Theme Song Lyrics
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Boys Over Flowers Theme Song

Jesus Christ; just because I’m Filipino (which doesn’t make sense because Boys Over Flowers is Korean)

The idea came to me when, upon checking this blog’s statistics, I got a referral from someone searching the above keywords. For some reason, a post in this blog combined “boys,” “over” and “flowers,” and was good enough to be considered as a search result.

So anyway, enough ranting about posting something I despise. After all, a man’s gotta eat. The theme song you are looking for is most probably the one by the group Tree Bicycles entitled “One More Time.” Filipinos, that I believe is the one repeatedly shown in commercials. Another one even I am familiar with is the one by T-Max entitled “Paradise.”

Whichever one you consider as the “theme song” is not of interest to me, however, you should know that there is a Boys Over Flowers OST (Original Soundtrack) which contains 13 songs.

  1. T-Max – Paradise
  2. SS501 – My Thoughts Are Bad
  3. Someday – Do You Know
  4. SHINee – Stand By Me
  5. Ashily – Lucky
  6. Kim Yoo Kyung – Starlight Tears
  7. Suh Ji Young – A Little
  8. Tree Bicycles – One More Time
  9. Lee Jung Sik – I Know (Instrumental)
  10. Dance with Me (Instrumental)
  11. Blue Flower (Instrumental)
  12. So Sad (Instrumental)
  13. T-Max – Opening Title (Intro)

One More Time


About Boys Over Flowers

Dear Koreans, for some reason some of us love your shows (translated into our own language) more than our own. It happened with Mexican shows, Chinese (which include the original Meteor Garden), and now yours. You should feel (at least) proud, as we now not only teach you English, we also patronize your hip-ness.