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28 Days/Weeks Later

July 14, 2020


Well as you can read in the title this post is for the firs and 2nd part of the movies, 28 Days/Weeks later one of my favorites zombie movies ever!! or maybe my favorite one…Lest just begin!! The film’s score was composed by John Murphy and was released in a score/song compilation in 2003. It also features notable tracks from Brian Eno, Grandaddy, and Blue States.
Here is the theme song:

28 Days/Weeks Later Theme Song

28 Days Later: The Soundtrack Album was released on 17 June 2003. A modified version of the soundtrack “In The House – In A Heartbeat” was used as the character Big Daddy’s theme in the 2010 film Kick-Ass. The same song was played in the 2012 advertisement campaign of Louis Vuitton, L’Invitation au Voyage. In 2019, the song was remixed to include the theme of The Terminator by Brad Fiedel for the second trailer of Terminator: Dark Fate.

A heavily edited version of the track “East Hastings” by the post-rock band Godspeed You! Black Emperor appears in the film, but the track is excluded from the soundtrack, because Boyle could only obtain the rights to use it in the film. Listen to this version below!

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – East Hastings


Well, guys do you know that there will probably be a third movie of this saga? I hope it happens, there are some rumors that it could surprise us in 2021 for the 20th-anniversary. If you like these theme songs as much as me please let me know in a comment or you will be the first person in be infected by a zombie virus whenever this happens, also listen to the other tunes we have prepared for you with lyrics <3 and see you in the next one 😉