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Zoey 101 Theme Song

October 25, 2019
Zoey 101 Theme Song

Have you asked yourself a question who sings the Zoey 101 theme song? We’ve got the video answer and lyrics too!

Did you know that the leading actor in this TV show is Britney Spears’ younger sister? They bear a striking resemblance, wow!

Even though the TV series hit the screens in 2005 and was broadcasting till 2008, lots of people still want to find Zoey 101 intro, so here it is

Do you want to sing along with us? Let us present to you Zoey 101 theme song lyrics!


I know you see me standing here
Do I look good my dear
Do I look good today

Oh Oh Oh
I’m just another kind of girl
And you wanna see my world

So come and run away
Yeah Yeah

If you wanna play
Come and play today
Let’s just get away


I will make you see

All the things you that you can be
Believe in your self
Come follow me

Yeah Yeah

Yeah Yeah You
I just got to let it loose
I do what I choose to do

Don’t walk away

Yeah Yeah

I will make you see
All the things you can be
Believe in yourself

Come follow me
Yeah yeah

So, follow us and write in comments why you like Zoey 101 🙂