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Bosch Theme Song Plus Bosch Theme Song Lyrics

October 24, 2019
Bosch Theme Song Plus Bosch Theme Song Lyrics

So, Bosch theme song is Caught A Ghost – Can’t Let Go, here you can enjoy the tv show bosch video

From the Caught A Ghost’s Debut Album, ‘Human Nature’ It’s the theme song for the new Amazon series Bosch. Written by Michael Connelly.

Also here is the bosch theme song lyrics – can’t let go caught a ghost song

harry bosch tv series

Corn sugar and caffeine
I feel my body in two different places
Still playing for both teams
Sometimes it feels I was born with two faces
I feel the smoke climbing up my cheeks
I hear the jokes and I smell the punchlines
I lay broken in my bed for weeks
My room’s too dark, my bed’s on the faultline
I got a feeling that I can’t let go
Sing a song about heartbreak
Do you know about the sweet taste of sadness?
I got a name for each one of my headaches
What do you know about the thin line of madness?

Bosch season 5 trailer

I need a new part with new lines
Anything if it’s good for your head
You can donate your heart to science
But it won’t bring you back from the dead
I got a feeling that I can’t let go

So, how do you like caught a ghost can’t let go? Maybe you also fancy to see BOSCH Season 1 TRAILER from New Amazon Studios Series? Then there you go

Do you think that’s old? We have prepared a new Bosch Season 5 Official Trailer

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Will there be a season 6 of Bosch? We will see soon and as soon as it airs we will add Bosch season 6 trailer to this article

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Bosch – Season 4 Official Trailer

Detective Harry Bosch returns for a new explosive season. He is assigned a new case that has the city of Los Angeles on a verge of a riot. Bosch finds himself at several crossroads both professionally and personally. He remains relentless in his pursuit of his mother’s killer and will stop anything to pursue justice. This will be a season unlike any other.

Watch the new season of Bosch now on Amazon.