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Special Agent Oso Theme Song Video and Special Agent Oso Theme Song Lyrics

March 15, 2013
Special Agent Oso Theme Song Video and Special Agent Oso Theme Song Lyrics
secret agent oso

I have to say, I love this show! But I also like Wizards of Waverly Place, you can find lyrics and all the interesting videos here 

Well, most probably because my daughter is nuts about it, and she has been watching it for most of her life—all 2 years of it! You know what though, at first that stuffed bear will get to you—with his stupidity and all—but you’ll learn to love him anyway.

What’s important is that it has a great theme song. And by great I mean something that you’ll memorize within a couple of episodes, and something you’ll be singing along with your kids. Yes, my daughter can barely speak but she can mouth the words to this theme from start to finish.

Watch Special Agent Oso TV Show

Now, while the show itself is considerably “moonlighting as a musical,” the scope of this post is limited to the opening theme only—for now, at least. Props, however, to the effort of creating a short and unique song for every episode—usually based on the title or plot.

So, the theme song is credited (lyrics) to the show’s creator Ford Riley. The vocals are courtesy of American actor and singer Joseph “Joey” Gian. Gian is known for his role in the television series Knots Landing, and for winning Star Search in 1986 (he’s currently 51 years old).

osso special agent

The song is commercially available on as a single-song download entitled “Special Agent Oso Theme”.

Might as well post a complete episode so not only can you check out the theme, but the other songs as well—and some entertainment for the bored! (Another favourite: “Three Special Steps” at 3:39)

The Fairly OddParents Theme Song is available now, too

Special Agent Oso Bear Theme Song Lyrics

special agent oso videos

theme song lyrics


Paw Pilot: Special alert! Special alert!
Meet Special Agent Oso, the unique stuffed bear
He’s on a special assignment, to help a kid somewhere
And with help from you, there’s nothing he can’t do
He’s oh so special (Mr. Dos: Hurry, Special Agent Oso!)
Oh, so special (Special Agent Oso: Sounds like a plan)
When he’s on the scene, he’ll do all he can
Learning brand new skills, facing danger and thrills
Special Agent Oso: It’s all part of the plan!
He’s oh so special (Paw Pilot: Hurry, Oso!)
Oh, so special (Paw Pilot: Way to go!)
Special agent (Paw Pilot: special, special, special agent, special, special agent) Oso!

There you go! By the way, Oso is voiced by Sean Astin from Lord of the Rings. Interesting. What about you? How do you like Oso the bear? Quite a catchy theme song, I reckon.

Special Agent Oso Ending Theme Multilanguage

Special Agent Oso (character) | Disney Junior

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Special Agent Oso – Theme Song || One-Line Multilanguage

Specialagent Oso fra Disney Channel


Special Agent OSO – “Drink Another Day”

Oso helps Athena learn how to drink from the water fountain at her school playground!

Special Agent Oso Theme Song in G Major – Version 2

Special Agent OSO – “Quantum of Celery”

Audrey wants to take a healthy snack to school, so OSO helps Audrey learn how to make Ants on a Log by filling celery stalks with peanut butter and topping them with raisins!